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DIY Christmas Wreath Craft Pack

RM 62.00

L: 46cm x W: 28cm x H: 5cm 

DIY Christmas Wreath Craft Pack: RM62

Craft pack materials includes:

1) semi foam ball x 1              

2) doilies x 2

3) acrylic paint x 5                    

4) ribbon (one with a bell) x 2

5) brush x 1                              

6) crepe paper x 10 sets 

7) white glue x 1                     

8) felt (cheeks, eyes, christmas hat) x 5

9) pom pom balls x 11             

10) corrugated board (wreath, base, reindeer body parts) x 10

11) double sided tape x 3          

12) satay stick x1           

13) sequin x 20                          

14) step by step guide x 2

Great activity to bond with your love ones by creating your very own Christmas wreath!! All materials are non toxic, child friendly and it includes a step by step guidance that is so easy to follow. Enjoy making Christmas craft In the safety of your very own home and don’t worry about the mess as that’s part of the fun!! only limited to 20 sets, so get yours before it’s too late! Happy shopping ❤️